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In an evil twist of fate, the Evil Wizard has once again escaped death and returned to torment the magical and non-magical worlds alike. You and your wizard cohort find yourself trapped within the walls of the castle —with only an hour to spare before the Evil Wizard closes in. Find the six hidden cursed objects and you may yet escape!


The Zombie Apocalypse is behind us, the human race is nearly extinct. You and a nearby team of survivors are the remaining few that have not been infected and joined the ranks of the zombie apocalypse. Discover and solve a series of covert clues intended to aid your progression. Communicate and collaborate efficiently or fall prey to the...

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You are being held on death row, agonizingly awaiting the electric chair. The prison has proven to be escape-proof, until now. Your contacts on the outside have placed a series of clues to aid in your escape. Use these clues wisely and you will problem-solve your way to freedom.

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